Vibrations is:

Rob Wright

James Link

Picture Editor
Scott M Salt

Reviews Editor
George Paris

Live Editor
Tim Hearson

Web Design
Sam Hainsworth

Advertising Department
Jack Simpson

Founded and published by
Tony Wilby

Jack Simpson

About us

Vibrations purpose is to cover the home grown music scene in Leeds and its surrounding areas, the centre for one of the most vibrant, creative and diverse city based musical cultures in the UK.

Vibrations magazine is a free, two-monthly printed magazine distributed through record shops, venues, arts centres and other music related locations in Leeds. No person involved in the magazine takes any money from it and any design, printing and distribution costs are covered by advertising revenue.

The purpose of the Vibrations website is to expose the music of Leeds to its widest possible audience, and tap into and help to support the network of city based music scenes throughout the UK and beyond.


Vibrations magazine was founded by Tony Wilby and Jack Simpson in August 2003, inspired by the wealth of musical talent in the city. Two people, one computer, but no idea what they were doing. Originally the idea was to write only about the things they liked, ignoring the things they didn't. Although in many ways an admirable approach, this proved to be unsustainable in a city exploding with diverse musical talent and a readership eager to hear about it all.

So, the magazine was opened up to more people, with responsibility gradually being given away and delegated, and the magazine thrived. Since then, editors, writers, photographers, designers and helpers have been and gone, but each one has shaped the magazine in some way and helped to make it what it is today.

Vibrations is built on volunteers and a new writer or new photographer turning up at an editorial meeting for the first time is potentially the Reviews Editor or Photography Editor a few years down the line. Just ask Bart Pettman or Steve Walsh. This is how the magazine works and this is how we like it. We want to give people with a passion for music the opportunity to write about it and get their work published.

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