Across All Oceans - Homegrown (EP)

Posted by vibrations on 26-03-16

This debut extended play from a handful of smoggies presumably brought up on punk tinged pop, sounds like a crisp fresh breath of summer after the long wet winter we’ve just endured.  

Across All Oceansare Andrew Thomson (Voice), Kyle Davies, Stephen Wetherell (Guitars) Dan Shepherd (Bass) and Jonathan Wetherell (Drums) and, on evidence of this collection of five brief yet original razor sharp compositions these guys might be sticking around for a while.

Opener ‘Everywhere But Home’ builds from a gentle jangly opening as furious vocal and driving guitars wrap themselves around a heartfelt melody and is gone before you know it, setting the tone on this roller coaster ride of an EP as ‘Permanence’ sounds like a cross between Sugar and Green Day, the twin axe assault, repeatedly hitting the listener right where it hurts. 

‘Monophobia’ is an ode to lost love as Andrew Thomson laments ‘I’m sick of writing songs about you but I can’t help myself’……if you ask me he should move on. ‘Homegrown’ betrays the innocence and uncertainty of youth before ‘Eston Square’ namechecks the band’s roots, bringing things to a hasty close.

Wham bam thank you ma’am!

Mike Price

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