Chuggaboom - Zodiac Arrest

Posted by vibrations on 12-10-15

Pisstakes and music have always been uncomfortable bed fellows. For every Weird Al Jankovic there’s been a two-bit celebrity making a complete balls of a ‘classic’ cover version at Christmas to further their ‘brand’ and thus balance the playing field of bad and good. Rock and Metal in particular has had more than its fair share of chancers taking the piss and latest off the line is Chuggaboom with their pastiche of the much maligned (and still bafflingly popular) metalcore genre. Comparisons with THE HELL are un-avoidable but unlike the aforementioned Londoners, Chuggaboom are sadly neither funny nor listenable.

All the hall marks of the genre they’re trying to ape are there but it just sounds the same as every other half-arsed metalcore band aside from the deliberately over-egged vocals and daft lyrics. Even if it was funny you’d struggle to give this more than 2 or 3 spins – it’s just not very catchy. Going back to THE HELL, sure they’re pretty funny but man alive, they’re songs are absolute beasts and make you wanna punch windows through regardless of what they’re singing about! The moral of the story here is if you’re going to point a finger you’d better make damn sure you’ve got the chops to back it up.

Ironically the most entertaining  moment on ‘Zodiac Arrest’ is the bands cover of ‘I Just Had Sex’, originally penned by US spoofers ‘The Lonely Islands’ who ARE funny! Proof that it’s always safer to stick to recycling good gags in the hope your audience hasn’t heard it before. Kudos for the names and outfits though – John Virgo, complete with top hat and waistcoat is great fun but I can’t imagine many of the bands intended audience remember ‘Big Break’.

It was the Bee Gees who started a joke which started the whole world laughing. Sadly Chuggaboom are better off listening to The Smiths because this joke isn’t funny anymore.

Rob Fearnley

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