Kleine Schweine – Porcine of the Times EP

Posted by vibrations on 26-10-16

I confess that I have been neglecting my duty as editor and writer on all things musical and Leeds based due to the being totally and utterly run ragged with all sorts of things going on. So, I am starting up again with something short and not too sweet, but surprisingly not bitter either. Perhaps this EP could be described as Umami.

Porcine of the Times is Kleine Schweine’s 2nd and a half album (it’s an EP, so I’d call that a half) and shows that those four little pigs are showing no signs of slowing down and are quite prepared to do all the huffing and puffing to blow down the house of cards in catchily anarchic style.

Not only anarchic though, but intelligent, visceral and zeit to the geist. They still love a pun (50 Shades of May, Referendofdays, Let’s Make Britain Hate Again) and still do not pull their punches (Our Ex-Prime Minister Stuck His Dick in The Mouth of a Dead Pig) but it’s the force of the music, mixing pure punk energy with playful riffs and now adding the odd bit of rhythmical complexity, and the sheer shared fury of the lyrics (‘they ask questions later and shoot first’ laments Neil, referring to loss of the ‘calming’ influence of the Liberal Democrats on the incumbent administration at the last election), precise and damning and telling the truth that we all know. It could be seen as preaching to the converted, except that these are also damn good pop songs too – they’ve been around for a while and they are honing their talents. And their knives. And in a time when a racist, misogynist liability is potentially about to become the leader of the most powerful country on the world, and our green and pleasant land is being turned into a greedy unpleasant land by a leader who spouts xenophobic gibberish as policy as the only possible alternative tries to tear itself apart from within… we really need these guys. They’re our last, best hope.

Rob Wright