Night Owls - Informaldehyde (EP)

Posted by vibrations on 12-07-16

Just when you thought the two-piece rock band was starting to lose its allure, along come Leeds outfit Night Owls with their own unique take on the minimalist formation.

Will Pollard (vocals/drums) and Liam Waddell (guitar/vocals) first crossed paths at secondary school, their friendship forged by a shared interest in music, and judging by the quality of the four tracks contained within ‘Informaldehyde’, the interest shown by smerk based label ‘Till Death Us Do Party’ is a shrewd move on their part, following the band’s exposure on BBC Introducing usually a reliable stamp of quality.

Yes, the lopsided bubblegum punk sound has been done before but certainly nowhere near as well as this for quite a while, not to mention the quality of the recording proving to be really lush, enabling fans to enjoy highly polished and multi layered versions of these songs whereas live, if their recent gig at Brudenell is anything to go by, the sound generated by the two being much more raw and primal, giving those interested two different experiences for the price of one.

Opener ‘Gilded Lily’ grabs you by the short and curlies from the first bar, the riff perhaps redolent of Misty Mountain Hop, complete with larynx shredding vocal. Next up is ‘She’, really intense pounding and dissonant until a delicious melody in the chorus propels everything along nicely. Mid-paced break up song ‘Call Me Out’ merges choppy verses and luxurious melodic inflection, Pollard’s vocal taking sprigs of Iggy, Kurt and Kiedis, blending with a liberal dose of fuck-you attitude. Completing the quartet and arguably the pick of the bunch is the surprisingly catchy ‘Why Me?’ where the lads have taken the classic loud/quiet template, stamping their unique mark on it, whilst perhaps creating a summer festival anthem into the bargain.

These guys seem like lots of fun.

Mike Price