Hinds - Leave Me Alone (Lucky Number)

Posted by vibrations on 18-01-16

If the endless grey drizzle of an alcohol-free January is sapping your serotonin levels and making you want to cry all the time,then you could do worse than reach for the debut album from Spanish garage rockers Hinds. Despite the surly title, ‘Leave Me Alone’ is basically a much-needed deep hit of instant summer that will sooth your soul and make you forget that basically, it looks like ‘The Road’ out there. Put this on and bathe in the lo-fi languidness of it all and health and happiness will be restored.


With their sixties girl group meets The Velvet Underground dynamic it’s formulaic stuff to be sure but none the worse for all that. Performing with verve and energy, they remind me of a caffeinated but dyspraxic Mazzy Starr stumbling through the best August Bank Holiday you ever had. Hinds’ secret weapon is the call and response interplay between co-vocalists Ana Perrote and Carlotta Corsials’ gorgeous voices and the spiky and smart lyrics. This is displayed to great effect on the, erm, infectious ‘Warts’ and the glorious debut single ‘Bamboo’. I’m a sucker for scratchy guitars and ba-da-ba-da-dada-daaahs.


Short and snappy, the bubblegum pop of ‘Leave Me Alone’ doesn’t outstay its welcome and leaves you wanting more. And, seeing as summer really is very, very far away, it might be worth venturing out to the Brudenell Social Club on February 22nd to catch them live. Just wrap up warm first.

Alan Stewart