Petrol Girls - Some Thing EP (Bomber Music)

Posted by vibrations on 18-01-16

London based DIY feminist punks Petrol Girls return with their second EP and it’s a belter. The opening salvo of ‘Slug’ and ‘Antagonist’ sets out their store of jagged rhythms and furious screaming colliding with intricate melodies and vulnerable harmonies. They are, however, incredibly focused and though defiant and justifiably angry about everything from everyday misogyny to austerity, they’re a lot more nuanced than your run of the mill shoutalong. That said, the way the line, “I’m the protagonist-deal with it!” is spat out is viscerally thrilling.

As the final track, ‘Separated,’ begins, I’m fairly convinced I’ve found my new favourite band. The song carries an emotional punch and melody that would make Leatherface’s Frankie Stubbs proud. Admittedly, this says more about how much I miss Sunderland’s finest than where Petrol Girls are actually coming from but then I’ve never associated post-hardcore with the kind of plaintive romanticism I’m hearing here. Well, not romanticism as such but there’s something in the lament for not giving up and actually doing something to combat the sheer awfulness of the world today that makes me go all husky and brave, much like when I watch the end of a Pixar film. 

The ‘Some Thing EP’ is available on seven-inch vinyl and download. An extended CD version also collects their debut EP for us latecomers to the party. I highly recommend this, especially for the track ‘System’ which seems to rework the concerns of Crass as if they’d been a glorious pop band rather than a great but almost unlistenable idea. The band is also playing at Wharf Chambers on January 23rd – go and see them. On the evidence here, they are wonderful and likely to inspire many.

Alan Stewart