Sets and Rugs and Rock N Roll - Tom Hingley and Skull at The Belgrave Music Hall

Posted by vibrations on 21-05-17

Okay, enough with the flooring related puns. Not only are the dulcit tones of Mr Hingley filling the Belgrave but Leeds' band Skull shall be making a joyful noise too. Their riffs are bone-rattlingly heavy, evoking memories of the time grunge crossed into sludge and we never looked back. This will be bigly huge.

With the tragic demise of Chris Cornell, rock is rapidly running out of unique voices and the black dog is claiming too many of the great and good - if you don't know what I mean, listen to 'This is What it Means to be Lonely' - so to hear one of those voices live is too good an opportunity to pass up. Tom Hingley has that rare talent to turn his voice from elation to desperation in a turn, from lust to fury, never losing an ounce of poetic impact. Yes, he's good, and to get the chance to see him in such an intimate setting... well, it doesn't get much better than that. Come and see - it really will be the greatest sight.