Do You Want To Play?

Posted by vibrations on 19-08-16

Come Play With Me, is not this writer’s seedy come on to you dear reader, no. This is the name of Leeds newest vinyl 7” singles club – not the other kind of singles club. The name coming from Leeds legends The Wedding Present who feature in part as Cinerama on the debut single.


With three releases already under their belt, featuring six of West Yorkshire’s finest musical acts, Cinerama/Harkin was the first split single followed by an Officers/Fizzy Blood split 7” with Esper Scout/ZoZo being the latest release. With number four in the collection just around the corner, the future is only looking bigger, better and brighter for this fledgling label.


But wait, not only are they releasing split seven inch vinyls by these rather well-known local acts, they have called on the region for open submissions to one and all. Yes, if you're making music in Leeds or the surrounding areas (Bradford, Halifax, York, Huddersfield etc. See for details) you too could find your tune dipped in wax and catapulted from bedroom to stage front. This is what is coming for the forth release; Come Play With Me asked for local submissions and are now in the process of getting these songs and acts ready for a huge party. With open submissions open once again, you, yes YOU, could be appearing as part of their ever growing stable of top notch musical talent.


Yet wait: not only do they want to showcase the talent of our beautiful region they wish to help develop and nurture the acts, with mentoring, artist developing opportunities and networking sessions in the works, and this dream is coming to fruition, helping acts develop their talent and finding a full time career within the music business, which really is what it's all about.


Along with the now legendary launch parties they are also interested in helping artists that are seen as being on the fringes, with extra events including a Women in Music event in the pipeline.


So without further or do, anyone out there with dreams of having your music heard and released and having your talent supported and nurtured head on over and submit that essential tune because you never know, you might get to Come Play With Me.


Glen Pinder


For further details, see Come Play With Me’s facebook page or twitter @ComePlayWith.