June gig previews

Posted by vibrations on 02-06-16

Television @ The Irish Centre, Leeds – Thur 2

There’s seminal, and then there’s SEMINAL, and Television are definitely the latter. The band’s first two albums, Marquee Moon and Adventure, arrived at roughly the same time as punk rock, but the cool, detached and precise nature of the songs was diametrically opposed to the three chord thrash popping off all around them. Those albums, however, remain timeless shining jewels of contemporary music.


Jucifer/Primitive Man/Sea Bastard/Iron Witch/Groak @ Brudenell Social Club, Leeds – Fri 3

Astonishing line up of extreme metal of the sludge, doom, drone variety. Touring US pair Jucifer and Primitive Man would be worth the price of admission alone, but the home grown supports (Brighton, Liverpool and Leeds respectively) pack a teeth rattling punch of their own. Since 2000, husband and wife duo Jucifer have lived a nomadic life in an RV, touring constantly and living off their music alone. It also means they can take their own gigantic speaker rig wherever they go….


Shit & Shine/Giant Swan/Hirvikolari/Worriedaboutsatan/School House/Boil @ Kirkgate Centre, Shipley – Sat 4

This has been advertised as ‘the last Golden Cabinet gig of 2016’, which is fine because that implies Golden Cabinet will actually be back next year. We can ill afford to lose this innovative and adventurous promoter. US born, London based Craig Clouse provides a suitably wild (temporary) send off with his percussion/electronica outfit Shit & Shine.


The Chills @ Belgrave Music Hall, Leeds – Mon 6

New Zealanders The Chills were criminally overlooked in the 80’s and early 90’s, songwriter Martin Phillipps’s work easily being the match of more lauded contemporaries like Elvis Costello and Nick Cave, so it’s good to know that the current revived incarnation is not only gigging regularly but also releasing new material, viz last year’s superb Silver Bullets. Don’t miss them this time, you idiot….


The Nash Ensemble @ Howard Assembly Room, Leeds – Wed 8

The celebrated chamber orchestra host a programme of music under the banner of Music in the Terezín Ghetto. The Czech town of Terezín was a holding camp for Jewish prisoners in World War II who mostly destined for the death camps. Despite the horrific conditions, the large number of musicians, actors and artists imprisoned there gave rise to a brief flourishing of a cultural life that included the composers Gideon Klein, Viktor Ullman, and Hans Krása whose works are featured in this programme. The Ensemble also perform Smetana's Bartered Bride overture, which itself was frequently performed in Terezín. A testament to the creative spirit of humanity, even in the face of unreasoning brutality and horror.


Neil Young @ First Direct Arena, Leeds – Fri 10

Rock dinosaurs don’t come much bigger than Neil Young, but fortunately his new band Promise of the Real are in tow so expect big fuck off guitars raging spectacularly against the dying of the light.


Queer Fest Leeds @ Wharf Chambers, Leeds – Fri 10 & Sat 11

Expanded across two days this year, Queer Fest Leeds features workshops (details tbc), food and bands bands bands, like Demitaves, Big Joanie, Little Fists, Commiserations, Pale Kids, Yiiikes, The Ethical Debating Society, No Ditching, Jesus and his Judgemental Father, Milk Crimes and more. More and full details here www.facebook.com/events/1205029736193595/


Carlene Carter @ The Trades Club, Hebden Bridge – Mon 13

The humble Trades Club continue to book impossibly big acts at their tiny venue, providing rare opportunities to see musicians in intimate settings who could easily fill venues ten times as big. In US country music, few artists have pedigrees as impressive as Carlene Carter. Her mother, June Carter, was a bit of a cultural polymath (singer, songwriter, actress, dancer and author) who was a significant figure on the country scene even before she married Johnny Cash, Carlene’s stepfather. Along the way Carter has lived her own chequered life, including being married to Nick Lowe for a number of years.


Chalk Basket Exchecker/Tree AM/The Bibliographic Services Unit/Microwave Meals for 1/Leeds Young Authors @ Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds – Mon 13

Leeds is utterly fantastic for small, quirky venues that are ideal for marginal musics and small (new) promoters. This intriguingly obscure line up seems to feature mostly acoustic/low key electronics based playful improv with a good dose of spoken word and poetry chucked in for good measure. Apart from Barnsley’s Chalk Basket Exchecker, everything else is Leeds based. Why the fuck not?


Municipal Waste @ Brudenell Social Club, Leeds –Wed 15

Top drawer US thrash (with hardcore leanings) outfit.


Cleft/Bearfoot Beware/Leg/Clenstch @ Brudenell Social Club, Leeds – Sat 18

Collection of intense math/noise rock bods headed by the Manchester guitar and drums duo who are calling it a day after their current run of gigs. Boo!


Mastiff/Geist/TCCL/Final Titan @ The Fenton, Leeds – Sat 18

Hardcore/punk/sludge bastards from Hull, Durham, Leeds and Leeds respectively. Mastiff in particular will make you want to shout loudly and run at walls.


Leeds Music Hub’s 4th Birthday Party @ Leeds Music Hub, Leeds – Sun 19

The fantastic resource that is Leeds Music Hub celebrates four years of operations with music from Grant K Fennell, Fig By Four, Joanne Armitage and TipToe Minus One, and sets from The Hubs student bands Boss Friday, The Young Dudes and Swag Hammer. Local labels Philophobia, Clue and MUZAI will be in attendance and there will be food and garden games. Doors open at 3:00pm and close at 6:00pm and its bloody FREE,


Melvins @ Brudenell Social Club, Leeds – Mon 20

The joyously uncategorisible Melvins have been bending minds and ears for 30 years now and show no sign of exhausting the inspiration behind their gleefully and giddily eccentric take on…well, some kind of metal.


Radio Birdman @ Brudenell Social Club, Leeds – Fri 24

Radio Birdman are Australia’s contribution to the ‘List of Bands That Were Punk Before Punk’. Formed in the mid 70’s, the band perfected the art of offending most sections of Australian society well before Johnny Rotten poked Bill Grundy in the eye. Incredibly, several of the original members remain.


Perspex Flesh/Institute/The Wub @ Temple of Boom , Leeds – Sun 26

This will be your last chance to see brilliant Leeds hardcore outfit Perspex Flesh, so go there.


Ommadon/Legion of Andromeda/Battalions/Groak/Narayana @ Chunk, Leeds – Wed 29

If you’re into low end rattle and weight, this may just be the best gig in Leeds this month. Glaswegian duo Ommadon specialise in extended epic drone doom, while Tokyo (yup, the one in Japan) duo Legion of Andromeda go for a more agitated, abrasive take on low end guitar noise. Hull’s Battalions are essentially hardcore, Leeds’ Groak return to low end weight and Leeds newbie’s Narayana do plain old Black Metal. Lovely.