October Previews

Posted by vibrations on 26-09-16

October is nearly upon us… how that happened, I am not sure… so grab some autumnal aural cheer and check out some major giggage before the witching hour…

Calls Landing @ Key Club, Leeds - Sat 1; Fold @ The Wardrobe, Leeds - Sun 2; Beth Orton @ Leeds Beckett University - Mon 3

A triple bill of something for everyone – metal in the Key Club on Saturday, sample laden info electro pop in the Wardrobe on Sunday and legendary folktronica in the Beckett on Monday – where but Leeds could you get such variety? But seriously, all three are worth checking out.

The Pigeon Detectives @ The Wardrobe, Leeds - Thur 6

The band have been relatively quiet over the last couple of years, but with new single ‘Lose Control’ released in August and a new, as yet untitled, album set for release in the new year, The Pigeon Detectives are back.

360 Club @ The Library, Leeds Fri 6 & Headrow House, Leeds Sun 9

The stops have been pulled, the punches have not – 360 club sets up more than one day can manage for all you good, good people in The Library and Headrow House (a certain gentleman and his gang are occupying the Library on Sunday… it’s not who you think) – Lauren Rycroft and Cara Hammond head up Thursday, Brooders nail Friday, Glass Mountain smash Saturday and Japanese Fighting Fish will have you begging for mercy on Sunday. One night is never enough…

Malija @ Wakefield Sports Club, Wakefield – Fri 7

Top class modern jazz trio featguring Mark Lockheart on sax and bass clarinet Liam Noble on piano and Jasper Hoiby on bass, touring their recent release The Day I Had Everything.

Marsden Jazz Festival @ various venues, Marsden, Huddersfield – Fri 7 to Sun 9

This pugnacious and eclectic festival celebrates its 25th year with a line-up that as usual mixes the old and the new. Digby Fairweather and Paul Jones pair up to Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong tunes as well as selection form Jones’s long career. On the modern side there’s WorldService Project, Kit Downes and Tom Challenger, Ellery Eskelin in a trio with Chris Sharkey and Matthew Bourne, and bassist Dave Kane showcasing his new composition for solo bass and electronics. The two full days are packed, with events running from 9:00am across several venues. More info and full line up here www.marsdenjazzfestival.com

The Divine Comedy @ City Varieties, Leeds - Tue 11

My Lovely Horse may not feature, but prepare to have your socks charmed off by Neil Hannon and co. (not Neil Hanson and co… that’s a different kind of night). This tour marks the release of TDC’s first album since 2010, so… no pressure then. All good clean fun.

Alan Merrill and the Arrows, Korks,  Otley - Tue 11

Or, alternatively, check out Alan Merril and the Arrows, a man and band who had their own TV show, a cartoon and even wrote Joan Jett and the Blackhearts’ biggest single ‘I Love Rock n Roll’. I know.

Jean Michel Jarre @ First Direct Arena, Leeds OR The Duke Spirit @ Brudenell Social Club, Leeds - Thur 13

First, JMJ – a personal thing for me: I grew up with Oxygene (didn’t we all?) and it opened up the door to electronic music for me, so that’s why JMJ, and The Duke Spirit because… the Duke Spirit… in the Brudenell! Now JMJ in the Brudenell….

Look, this is getting tricky now, because October is looking really good. I mean, really good…

Ellery Eskelin/Seth Bennett’s Fragments Trio @ Seven, Chapel Allerton, Leeds – Thur 13

Eskelin is one of the most adventurous and celebrated jazz and improvised music composers and musicians of the last thirty years. Here he forms a trio with two explosive and unpredictable Leeds based musicians, pianist Matthew Bourne and guitarist Chris Sharkey, and this promises to be a blistering torrent of vital music.

Mik Artistik’s Ego Trip @ HEART, Leeds - Fri 14

Acting as a buffer zone between John Copper Clarke and Sleaford Mods… ish, Mik has honed his poignant, observant and self-deprecating art to fine edge. Sometimes neglected, he’s been entertaining one way or another for… well, a very long time.

Menzingers @ Brudenell Social Club, Leeds; Silverlode/Expelaires/World Chaos @ The Primrose, Leeds; The Sunshine Underground @ Stylus, Leeds University - Sat 15

One night, three flavours – new kids The Mezingers hit the Brude, LMS veterans Silverlode progfolk up the Primrose and TSU ‘ave it at The Stylus… you really are spoilt for choice…

Super Hans @ The Wardrobe, Leeds - Sat 15

… I will be here, however, because I am a very silly man and Patagonia is calling.

Weekend Nachos/The Afternoon Gentlemen/Homewrecker/Endless Swarm/ Boak/Gets Worse/Lugubrious Children@ Temple of Boom, Leeds – Sat 15

US hardcore veterans Weekend Nachos are coming to Europe to play their last shows before they disappear for ever, and this will be their actual last ever gig. Expect utter mayhem. The support line up is pretty shit hot too, so there may not be many left standing…. 

Weedeater/Conjurer/Iron Witch/Groak @ Brudenell Social Club, Leeds – Mon 17

Wall-to-wall, filling loosening monumental riffage. All three support bands can drop weighty riffs with the best of them, but they’ll have to go some to top the thick, narcotic, low end doom pressure of US headliner Weedeater. 

The Haggis Horns @ Smokestack, Leeds - Wed 19

For some laid back, funky, jazzy, horny action, why not zazz up your Wednesday with some of this? Because Wednesdays have feelings too… (don’t talk to me about Wednesdays…)

The Petrol Girls @ Brudenell Social Club Games Room, Leeds - Thur 20

Even though Hope and Social are in the main room and Band of Skulls are at Stylus, you have to see the cluster of fury that is The Petrol Girls. Brutal, powerful and some damn good tunes to boot. And you can see Hope and Social at the Hyde Park Picture House on Saturday anyway.

Ten @ Fuse Art Space, Bradford – Sat 22

Leeds electronic/ambient composer and multi-instrumentalist Dominic Dean (for it is he) plays what is in effect and launch gig for the new Ten album, Yukon Youth, released on 31 October. The album’s a corker, by the way, so this gig probably will be too….

No Gloss Film Festival @ Canal Mills, Armley, Leeds – Sat 22 & Sun 23

Along with the inaugural Yorkshire wide Silent Film Festival taking place over the summer, and the well-established Leeds International Film Festival in November, the No Gloss Film Festival reaches its fifth edition to provide the region with an embarrassment of riches in film and cinema. No Gloss concentrates on independent, DIY cinema from around the world and as such can be seen as part of the burgeoning DIY culture that’s invigorating art, music and the fife creative just now. More info and full programme here www.noglossfilmfestival.co.uk

Robyn Hitchcock @ Brudenell Social Club, Leeds – Sun 23

Quite why one of the best songwriters of the last 40 years is largely unsung and uncelebrated remains a baffling mystery. Still, it means Hitchcock can still play venues like this, instead of, say, the Albert Hall. Hitchcock hasn’t released a new album for two years (The Man Upstairs in 2014) but it doesn’t matter, his songs are timeless jewels of lyrical and melodic invention.

Dinosaur Jr @Stylus, Leeds University - Wed 26

It’s the same night as Sleaford Mods at the Beckett and Jake Bugg at the Academy, I know, but I’m a grunge kid (I am wearing a check shirt whilst typing this) so DJ win. And it’s at a nice little venue so you can savour the flavour of the nineties. Mmmmm… Part of the Beacons Metro ‘festival’. More info at http://beaconsmetro.com/

Joanne Shaw Taylor @ Brudenell Social Club, Leeds – Wed 26

Another top line guitarist (cf Chantel Macgregor) from the UK circuit burning fretboards and reclaiming the blues for women.

Custodians of the Realm @ Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds – Wed 26

The Custodians of the Realm are a London-based improv trio made up of Adam Bohman (objects and home-made instruments), Adrian Northover (saxophones) and Sue Lynch (tenor sax, clarinet, flute), all three being significant participants in the capital’s improv scene, in particular as members of the long standing London Improvisers Orchestra. Support comes from ‘Reciprocal Structures: Glass Light Sounds’, a collaborative project between composer Scott Mc Laughlin and glass artist Shelley James (glass artist), where light is projected through complex structures of glass and combined with sound.This is a LIME gig and is pay as you feel on the door. More info at www.facebook.com/events/298729860501733/

Johnny Foreigner @ The Library, Leeds – Thur 27

This pop punk quartet from Birmingham have been successfully hurling barely controlled chaos at audiences for a decade now. Long may they continue.

Melt Yourself Down @ The Wardrobe, Leeds – Fri 28

The great jazz/metal/funk/noise/punk Melt Yourself Down are here to liberate you from your daft prejudices, open your stultified mind and move your fucking feet. 

Hookworms/Kogumaza/Virginia Wing/Great Ytene, Holy Trinity Church, Leeds - Fri 28

They’ve been away for a while, what with Matt getting the studio up and running after the floods, but one of Leeds’ most intriguing and unique bands are back to defy specification and make an almighty noise in a place of worship. Fitting. Part of the Beacons Metro ‘festival’. Also part of the Beacons Metro 'festival', with more info at http://beaconsmetro.com/

Ritual Halloween @ Temple of Boom, Leeds Sat 29

All day celebration of metal/hardcore/grind designed to scare the shit out of you, Halloween style. Costumes optional, presumably. Scottish death grinders Party Cannon headline but with Scordatura, Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair, Nagasaki Birth Defect, HorseBastard and Groak also in tow it will be….mwahahahahaha all day long!! Doors at 2:30pm. More info at www.facebook.com/events/1729802220618133/

Bill Nelson @ The Clothworkers Hall, Leeds University – Sat 29

Wakefield born Nelson found fame in the early 70’s with his tech glam rock band Be Bop Deluxe and despite fading from the public eye since that bands demise, he’s continued to release a formidable stream of solo works since then. This gig is a bit of an ‘event’, as it’s a launch gig for Nelson’s new album New Northern Dream (echoing his first, pre-Be Bop Deluxe, solo effort Northern Dream) with some pretty special add-ons. Doors are at 4:00pm with a solo live set from Nelson getting things going, followed by an interview and Q&A with the man himself and closing with a playback of the entire album. All ticket holders get a free copy of the album on entry too. It’s a bit pricey (£60!) but Nelson’s been able to maintain a strong fanbase over the last thirty years. More info here www.billnelson.com/html/park/boxoffice.php

X-Ray Cat Trio @ Sela Bar, Leeds - Mon 31

Finally, get ready for a night of spookabilly fun from El Nico et al in the salubrious setting of the Sela. Good dirty fun.

Take it from me, October is chock full of fun. Shop around, find your level and enjoy!

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