Allusondrugs/Treason Kings/Adore//repel @ 360 Club, The Library, Leeds

Posted by vibrations on 30-11-15

I walk in to catch the end of Adore//repel's set. Since I last caught them they've heeded various folks’ advice and splashed out on a bassist. It's paid off. They sound massive and the final tunes that I witness have immense power. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the room is already packed and engaged.

Treason Kings sound exactly like a band called ‘Treason Kings’ should. Blues rock with a smattering of grunge. They sound great. Immaculate stops and starts with a brutal low end and sneering vocals. I'm having a wonderful time.

Midway through the set, I get the tiniest hint of a dip in energy but as another bruiser of a number drops, the dip is soon forgotten. The set continues to rocket from there and their final song is a feel-good monster of a rock tune.

Allusondrugs are ferocious. Their psych-punk is underpinned by sledgehammer drumming and chugging bass. Short and punchy songs drenched in chorus and fuzz with a singer, mouth often agape, looking dreamily lost in abandon at the wall of sound his bandmates are churning out.

Having recently toured with the likes of Enter Shikari and Marmozets, they’re on top showmanship form. Not that the crowd need much persuading. Singalongs a-plenty and even an - admittedly hamfisted - attempt at a crowdsurf. Top bants all round, as they say in the home counties. (Probably.)

I remember catching them a few years ago as a fledgling band. They were terrifyingly good even then so their recent successes come as no surprise. They might not have the accessibility of punchy riffs like Treason Kings, but their sound has all the hallmarks of a self-confident group that may well be regularly spilling out onto the airwaves soon enough.

Tim Hearson

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