We Have A Gig Going On

Posted by vibrations on 05-01-16

So the weekend is upon us - the next installment in the Vibrations TV story it may be, but more importantly we've got some very tasty bands to blow away those January blues!

Napoleon IIIrd

Leeds musical legend, Napoleon IIIrd is a blend of the beautiful and the unsettling, the unusual and the familiar and... you really should see this. Trust me.

Yalla Yallas

If you like raw, sincere and with a wee bit of a punky aroma, you couldn't go wrong with a bit of Yalla Yallas. So don't. Simple really.


This is going to get heavy. Formed from the ashes of Canaya, Nomasta continue the legacy of serious riffage and neck wrecking heaviness. Mmmm... metal...

The Secret Band

I've been sworn to secrecy on this one so... just come already, or you'll never know. Regret is a terrible thing to live with...



On the Vibrations stereo...