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Posted by vibrations on 18-10-15

Vitamin have just released a new record, started a monthly thing at the Brudenell and are probably planning world domination as we speak. Before all this happened, I got the chance to chat to them at Leeds festival. You could say they had ambitions back then too, but the strange thing… no names, no pack drill… it’s almost like a lost interview rediscovered after years. So the question remains… who are Vitamin?

You played Dance To The Radio, which is usually pretty full – how was it?

A: It was really full and everyone was really into it.

B: Hectic. Bit of crowd surfing.

A: There was a bit of on shoulder action, it was good.

But this will not be your only set this weekend – you’re playing tomorrow at Reading and Leeds on Sunday too… how knackered will you be?

A: Who knows… we could be fine…

And you’re starting a monthly session at the Brudenell?

A: Every second Tuesday of the month, starting in October, ending in December…

How and why did it come about?

A: we wanted to put on some of our own gigs and we wanted to bring along some people that we liked, other bands, that we wanted to come play with us, and it felt like a good way of building a community, so we called it Brothers and Sisters to refer to the people there and the bands playing… it’s just a bit of fun really.

So, can we get a bit of background about Vitamin?

A: We started about a year ago… we kinda released some tunes and people were into it…

You’re signed as well now (to National Anthem)… so how does it feel to have come so far in such a short time?

A: We’ve all been in bands before when we were younger, but this is the first time we’ve come together collaboratively together and write some songs… a match made in heaven.

At the point of this interview, they’d also just released an EP with broccoli on the front… more stuff that is good for you. Apart from the coating of hundreds and thousands. Unfortunately our time was cut short by their having to head off to Reading, leaving Vitamin rather an enigma to me… and this interview more of a sketch than a representation.

To be revisited…

Vitamin play Oporto on the 22nd October and the Brudenell on 10th November. More info required…

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