Introducing... The Bands - Part 2

Posted by vibrations on 16-08-15

Now that all the stages have been announced and everything has been put in its right place, it feels like Leeds festival is all over bar the watching. It is sure to be a spectacle, though, so here are three local bands that have made the cut for this year’s Introducing stage. There is going to be nothing muted about these three…


How did you feel when you first got the announcement?

Wilco: Absolutely blown away, to be honest. You enter these competitions, you play your best, you sell these tickets and you want to win…

Joe: Pretty nice… we’d got a good summer lined up anyway, but this was a nice little bonus on the end of it.

Wilco: Just a casual bonus of these two huge festivals that we’d never played before – I mean, thanks to all the people who came and watched us and voted for us…

How did that gig go?

Wilco: Amazing. When we found out what the line-up was going to be we thought ‘this is going to be amazing regardless’ – Treason Kings we’ve been playing with for a while… we gigged with them a couple of times when we were in another band… no, it was ace and pretty humbling – all these people coming out of the woodwork.

Joe: Obviously some fans cross over with Treason Kings and ourselves and Bi:Lingual, some of them cross over, they had their single launch on the other side of town on the same night.

Wilco: We didn’t go into it thinking that we had a really good chance… we thought we had a chance like everyone else. Then we sold all the tickets a week before the gig and thought ‘well maybe we do have a chance.

You’re on Clue Records with Allusondrugs and Forever Cult who did Leeds last year…

Wilco: yeah, it’s been a good few years for Clue, and rightly so… both those bands are amazing bands on their own right and they work really really hard as well… but the thing with Clue is Scott… and Steven and Tom, who run the thing, work dead hard and do us proud and have opened a lot of doors for us… so being on Clue Records has helped a lot really…

So have they coached you on how to behave at Leeds?

Wilco: No, they’ve got us more drunk! They kind of channel it rather than telling you what to do… Scott (the head honcho), he gets very involved with bands he loves purely because he loves them, he doesn’t want to shape them in any other way apart from point them in the right direction or help them… he’s really good with them.

Joe: it’s kind of like we’re his children – if we screw up or have been a bit lackadaisical, you won’t get this slap on the wrist business style it’ll be like getting it from your dad… which makes you feel a bit more guilty.

Wilco: He is one of my best mates too… but it’s never been ‘do this, do that’, it’s always been ‘maybe you should try this or maybe you should try that’. It’s been great. Allusondrugs and Forever Cult on last year, us this year, hopefully Trash next year.

Are you regular attendees of Leeds festival or is this your first visit?

Wilco: I attended once before and then became too poor to ever attend again. But it was ace… music festivals in general I just love.

Joe: I’ve never done the full weekend… I’ve just done a couple of days in the past…

Out of Leeds and Reading, which one are you looking forward to/fearing most?

Joe: I’d say Leeds, because we don’t have to drive as far.

Wilco: I’d say Reading… because all my DVDs are like ‘Nirvana: Live at Reading’ and when you’re on youtube watching Rage Against The Machine… you’re not watching Rage at Leeds! I do love Leeds, I love the scene at Leeds… But I feel like Reading has the better reputation, the bands pull it out a bit more at Reading. What a horrible question.

Are there any bands you don’t want to miss?

Joe: Basically, we don’t want to play Reading on a Friday… because there’s a guy who’s going to give us a lift for free in his van.

Wilco: Other than that… I don’t want to clash with Kendrick Lamar or Run The Jewels…  those are the two I’m really looking forward to, I’m a big hip hop fan.

Joe: Maccabees, actually – their new song is absolutely mental…

What will you be bringing to the party?

Wilco: Angst. Lots of angst. A few new songs…  a winning smile.

Worth the ticket price alone!

Mall Rats (Winners of the Centre Stage Competition)

How did the win feel?

Frazer: Absolutely crazy. It’s a great opportunity from Centre Stage and Martin House charities, we’re really thankful for it.

When did you hear you’d won?

Frazer: About twenty minutes after…

Lewis: … on the night.

Being only 15 years old, will this be your first festival?

Frazer: Yeah… and only our fifth gig as well!

When people come to see you, what can they expect?

Frazer: Early nineties Nirvana grunge.

Who are you looking forward to seeing yourself at the gig?

Frazer: Wolf Alice… we’re massive fans of them… Royal Blood…

Lewis: Slaves… Drenge… Parma Violets.

Frazer: And Charli XCX

Anything else you want to add?

Frazer: Thanks to Martin House and Centre Stage for this opportunity to play at Leeds and Reading!

Thanks you – what nice chaps! Check out Mallrats on Facebook and Soundcloud…

Calls Landing

Joe, James and Jordan

Congratulations on winning Futuresound – how did it feel to win the whole thing?

James: I still don’t believe it…

Joe: Today’s making it sink in for me, talking about it, because since it’s been announced I don’t think we’ve been together as a band and not really had a chance to talk about it.

James: I thought we might have a chance at being a runner up, but winning the whole thing is just… mind blowing.

Will this be your first Leeds festival?

Joe: This will be our first time playing it… but me and Jordan have been going since 2008.

Jordan: It’s a massive dream growing up in Leeds to play Leeds festival. It’s a dream to play the Introducing Stage but to be opening the Lock Up stage… it’s huge. Some of our biggest influences are playing that stage on the same day.

It does seem that the winners playing Leeds festival are a lot heavier this year…

James: I were a bit worried coming into the whole thing that we weren’t maybe what they were looking for… more indie based, but we did something right…

Jordan:  I thought the same – I knew we’d worked really hard over the last year as a band, we’ve brought out our first record and things… so I thought there was an outside chance we’d get in the top six, but never in a million years did I think we’d win the whole thing.

It’s quite a responsibility to open on the Lock Up stage – how do you feel about it?

Jordan: It does put a lot of weight on our shoulders, but I think we thrive on that, we really like going out and impressing people.

Joe: I’ve been preparing in front of a mirror for years… so I’m all ready.

Jordan: We’re playing Reading on Friday and Leeds on Saturday, which is perfect for us.

Joe: And I get to see Metallica… again.

Who else are you looking forward to seeing?

Joe: The Maccabees and Kendrick Lamar… and I’ve wanted to see Menzingers for a while, and New Found Glory.

Jordan: Refused, Manchester Orchestra, American Football… Deadmau5… Limp Bizkit. I just love Leeds festival, there’s a reason why I keep going back, it’s not just about one genre, it’s about everything, about the nightlife afterwards, about Piccadilly, about everything…

Any final words to get people to come check you out?

Jordan: Exactly that – come check us out. It may be early on a Saturday, but we’ll give you a good show.

Joe: We’ll wake you up.

Jordan: In Reading we might be the first band in the whole festival, but we’re still going to bring all the energy and hopefully win over some new fans…

All the best of luck – see you there!

Rob Wright

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