Crossfaith – Hiro Quest

Posted by vibrations on 14-08-15

So last time I saw you, you were touring with Limp Bizkit. How was that tour for you?

The tour means a lot for us, first Limp Bizkit are big beats players and was a band we listened to a lot in high school and for Tat, our DJ, Wes Borland is his idol.  It was Tat’s birthday on the tour and I bought some Japanese sake and gave a shot to Wes Borland and one to Tat and they chucked them together. It was a great moment.

How brilliant was playing Download festival?

Playing Download?  Mainstage?  It was pretty crazy.   When we started this band it was our goal, to headline on mainstage and that is still our dream but this was still big for us, it has given us lots of ideas about what we want to do now.

What was it like stepping out on to that massive stage with the huge crowd?  Were you excited?  Scared?  Of course I was excited, not scared.  Before I went on I was very nervous but it’s not the same, I really enjoyed it.  I’m really looking forward to going back, next time I want to headline!

After that, you had your own headline tour…

I know!  It’s only been 2 years since we started touring the UK, we started in Tunbridge Wells in like a big public toilet, what used to be, and now we’re doing a headline tour and every night people were waiting for us - it’s insane!

You must really like the UK…

Yeah, it’s like the 11th time we’ve been here in 2 years, we really love the UK, we love your culture, which is really different.  In the states it’s like the movies but here it’s real.

Have you seen anything of the UK while you’ve been here?

Yeah, whenever I get time I like to go and see the cities and go to the visit the museums?

Have you visited the Leeds Museum? It’s just over there…

Maybe later I’ll go and have a look!

UK crowds do get very lively; do you think that it matches the Crossfaith energy you bring?

Oh yeah, I know it!  In Japan, people just stand and are quiet, listening to the music but you guys are like crazy!

And does that help you maintain the energy you bring to stage? It must be pretty hard to keep up…

Yeah, but the energy we have is quite natural for us. When we’re on stage we like to bring it.   If we can’t we’re a bit… We don’t like it…

Onstage you can deliver lots of physical energy, is it hard to transfer that into your recorded music?  

Ah yeah, but it’s like a different direction, like we’ve just been in Los Angeles for two months - recording is really fun.  Like on the tour you’re playing the same songs but in the studio you can try lots of different things every day.  Even on the same songs, guitars, bass, drums with different arrangements.  I really love recording too - it’s not like just one person doing different things, that’s not how we work, we all like to try new things.

Have you got new material then, a new album?

It’s going to be out around September and then we’re hoping to come back on tour.  It may not be this year but we definitely want to come back.

So are you showing us new stuff today?

Not today, we’re still just mixing the new stuff but soon, a video or something soon.

You’ve toured with a lot of the bands here today - is it good to catch up with them?

Yeah, we’ve got so many friends at this festival - Architects just supported us on our headline tour in Japan, While She Sleeps we’ve toured with so many times - so many friends.

I know you guys like to party - are you partying today?

Oh yeah, even before our show today!  Our DJ has a DJ set at 4pm today so we’re going to be drinking from then!  Even on stage we like to have a drink, a little whisky.  

We’ve got Desperadoes here today - Do you like a Desperado?  

Yeah but I prefer Jamesons!!

So I’m out of time but lovely to see you again, have a great show.

Yeah, I’m looking forward to it - see you there!

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