Set it Off – Do You Remember The First Time?

Posted by vibrations on 14-08-15

Oh what it must be to be young and to have never opened Slamdunk or had a Nandos… such times they must be living in! Maxx Danzinger and Dan Clermont are two such young, excitable chaps who are not chicken tonight. Alex Cooper gets cheeky with the lads from Set It Off…

So, being first on is that tricky for you?    

(Maxx) The weirdest thing about being first on stage was that we could be really chilled about it, we had a nice long sound check and make sure we could sound as good as possible.  The crowd were awesome and really responsive and we had a lot of fun.  

Yeah, it did look like you had a lot of people out there for you.

(Dan)It’s our first time playing Slamdunk and so to be playing main stage was incredible we had no idea what to expect so it was amazing.

So have you played Leeds or a Leeds festival before?

(D)We haven’t played the festival before but we’ve definitely played Leeds before, some club shows. So it’s nice to be back.

So you like the UK?

(M) Yeah, you’re definitely a different breed over here.  (D)Over in the states it’s very saturated as far as the market goes and anytime we come over to the united kingdom everyone is very appreciative which is nice. (M)And you guys have Nandos, which is nice…

Ah, so do you guys like a cheeky Nandos?

(M) A cheeky Nando’s? What’s that – I keep hearing about this…

OK, so it’s like when you’ve been out with your mates, had a few beers and someone will say “do you fancy going for a cheeky Nandos?”  

(M) Oh you mean like a drunk dinner, in the states that’s like a cheeky Waffle House or like a cheeky Denny’s… Yeah a cheeky Denny’s in yer PJ’s.  

(D) Really? we’ll have to get that going in the states

(M)Yeah so I fancy a cheeky Nando’s 100%

Well there’s one a couple of hundred metres away

(D)You shouldn’t tell me that I’m off right now…

So I take it there are other guys here that you’ve met before – is it good to catch up?

(M)We actually just did co-headlined on the Come Alive tour with Falling in Reverse who are here and we love them so it’s really nice to see them.

(D) We’re also big fans of Reel Big Fish so it’s going to be really cool to see them.

Is there anyone on the line-up that you haven’t seen before that you want to check out today?  

(M) Yeah, I’ve heard really good things about Don Brocco so I really want to go and check them out.  I’ve got friends who know the guys and say they’re really cool, I think they’re going to smash it tonight.  I’m really excited for them.

(D) Yeah, we have so many mutual friends but we’ve never actually met them so it’ll be good to finally hook up.

So after Slam Dunk what you got planned?

(M)Well after these three shows we’re heading out to Japan to do our first ever headliner tour out there so that’s going to be fun, then we come home for a couple of weeks and then head out on the Vans Warped tour in the states and then we just announced that we’re going to be doing an acoustic EP called Duality: Stories Unplugged which are re-imaginings of the songs on Duality so we’re pretty up for that and it should be out soon.

That’s an interesting change, when I saw you guys this afternoon you were all lively punky pop, what makes you want to do something calmer and slower like an acoustic EP?

(D)I felt it was an element the band has never really touched on and we’d got a lot of requests to make that happen.  

(M) There are a lot of artists who revise and rerelease albums and that’s totally fine but we wanted to re-imagine the songs , kinda show the other side of the band and of the songs and maybe show a softer side.  They’ve got a very different vibe to them, a lighter side to them which is fun.

Will you be showcasing any of the acoustic stuff on the warped tour?  

(M)Sure, we’ll be doing six or so songs from Duality and we’ll mix in an occasional acoustic version, changing things up a bit.

Any plans to come back to the UK?

(D) We’ve not got anything concrete yet but we love the UK and would love to come back.  We’ve been touring Europe since January / February this year so we’re just coming to the end of that leg of the tour.

So what are your plans for the rest of the day?

(M) Well we’ve still got some press to do then we’re going to check out some of the bands.

Have you done any signing?

(D) We did the signing tent about an hour ago and that was really cool.  We were in a tent and we couldn’t see the queue and there were such a long line of people who had queued for ages to come and see us, saying that they’d like the set.

(M) It’s so cool that people are coming out and seeing us and that we’re making new fans.

Well, we’re out of time but thanks for bringing the sunshine with you!

(M) It’s usually the other way round and we end up in the rain, even in Florida, but today’s it’s all come together for us, the set and the weather, which is great.

Thank you. Now… how about that Nandos?

Set It Off will return to the UK in September…

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